Room setup

Room setup always according to your wishes

Every meeting has its own purpose. That is why your meeting also needs its own room layout.
Do you use a lot of paper at the meeting or do the participants have various folders? Then you probably want a square set up, so that everyone can see each other and still write. Do you want to interact with the participants and are they asked to be more open? Then you might opt for a Circle set up without tables.
Below you will find the most common room setups. A different setup is of course always possible. Please contact us for advice, we are happy to help you!

U-shape, very suitable for a training Circle setup, very suitable training setup Square set-up, training set-up suitable for all participants to be able to see each other and the trainer Cabaret setup, training setup, for example if the group is large and you still have to be able to write Theatre setup, a suitable training setup if you especially need to listen to the trainer