All under one roof

At Kaap Doorn you will find everything under one roof!

Kaap Doorn has all facilities under one roof. All plenary rooms are located on the ground floor and are close to the Grand Café and our restaurant. This means that our guests can move easily and efficiently through the building. Thanks to our well-arranged conference center, your guests cannot wander around and they always find their way.

Do you want to split up in groups for a short while?

Would you like to split up in groups for a short while? Then you can use various seating options inside and outside our conference center. We have created various small seating areas within our building. In addition, your guests can also sit outside in groups when the weather is nice, such as our inner gardens and the terrace. If you need more privacy, there is of course also the possibility to reserve an extra room.

Enjoy our coffee and tea specialties!

Our Grand Café is the meeting place during your meeting, where you can enjoy your coffee break and a snack in between. Due to its central location, our Grand Café is easily and quickly accessible from all rooms. Our baristas can prepare a delicious Cappuccino, Latte Macchiato, Espresso, etc. for you in an instant. In our tea corner you can easily and quickly grab a cup of tea, where all kinds of fresh ingredients are always ready to make your tea more special! A break like this literally and figuratively provides a boost so that your group can continue with the meeting full of energy. Good service with excellent coffee and tea therefore contributes to achieving the goal of your meeting!


Extensive lunch and culinary dinner

Our restaurant is easy accessible from every room. Here we serve our extensive lunch and culinary three-course dinner from our Chef. Because the restaurant is easily accessible, you can keep the break times short, leaving you more time for your program.

Are you staying with us?

If you make use of an overnight stay at Kaap Doorn, you can go to your hotel room without having to leave the building. Ideal if you need to quickly get something from your hotel room and the weather is bad or it’s cold outside. Click here for more information about our hotel.

Other facilities

Our other faculties, such as the infrared sauna and the fitness room, are also located in the same building.