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Your hybrid meeting at Kaap Doorn

Our industry is constantly evolving and the current circumstances ensure that more and more meetings take place digitally. As a meeting location, we notice that the demand for live streaming of meetings is increasing, despite the fact that a physical meeting is preferred.
At Kaap Doorn we offer various options in the field of live streaming of your event or meeting. Below an overview of the options that we offer for your online meeting. If you have other wishes, we are happy to think along with you!

Hybrid meeting via own account

A hybrid meeting is a meeting where some of the participants are physically present and the rest participate online. The simplest form is a physical meeting that is recorded and / or can be followed live from home or office (for example, to let people at home watch).
The microphone of a laptop is often not suitable for multiple speakers, which makes it difficult to hold a good online meeting. We offer an affordable solution that makes the speakers easy to understand. For organizing an online meeting via your own account, for example via Zoom or Teams, we have Jabra Speakerphones (portable speakers that and work via USB or Bluetooth). We rent these for € 40.00 per item per day. We can also provide a webcam for € 40.00 per day.
At Zoom, a maximum of 500 people can participate with a paid subscription. With the free plan, you can hold conferences of up to 40 minutes for up to 100 participants. For more information about subscriptions and prices, please refer to the Zoom website.
With Microsoft Teams you can organize an online meeting for 300 participants with a paid subscription. There is also a free plan where, until June 2021, a maximum of 300 participants can participate with a meeting duration of up to 60 minutes. For more information about subscription types and prices, please refer to the Microsoft Teams website.

Hybrid meeting from a hotel room

Are you organizing a multi-day meeting with overnight stay? Then the participants can participate from their hotel room! As a result, they are in a different and quiet environment with their own laptop. We offer free High Speed internet, so they always have a good connection during the meeting. They can also use our catering facilities in their hotel room, where we can, for example, serve an extensive lunch and a nice cup of coffee. In addition, they can take an inspiring walk in the woods during the break and exchange experiences with other participants. This option can be alternated with a plenary session, so that you can work in two groups. We can provide this meeting format for a maximum of 35 people in the hotel rooms. There is a supplement of € 33.00 for an early check-in and a late check-out per hotel room. We also use your own account for this option (see above).

Fully online streaming

If you expect a lot of participants in your meeting, we can also provide a professional live stream in one of our rooms, so that you can give a complete online training or webinar. It is also possible to make this live stream interactive. For example, ask questions during the session, immediately share information or photos, cast your vote during a poll or chat during the break. We work together with an external AV expert. We are happy to look at your wishes together with you in order to be able to provide you with tailor-made advice. We can provide a professional live stream for you with an additional cost from € 2,750.00 excluding VAT.

Split meeting

In a split meeting, an internal stream connection is made between two or more rooms, so that the presentation can be given in one room, which can be followed by everyone in the other room (s). If the capacity of our meeting rooms is therefore not sufficient, you can still organize your meeting with us in this way. Here too we work together with an external AV expert and we are happy to look at your wishes together with you in order to be able to advise you tailor-made. We can arrange a Split meeting for you with an additional cost from € 1,815.00 excluding VAT.

More information

Would you like advice or know more about the rates for your online meeting? Please do not hesitate to contact our reservations department via [email protected] or +31 (0)343 – 41 42 41. Our reservations team will be happy to advise you on your choice and provide you with a tailor-made offer!