What do our guests say?

We are proud of the many beautiful things that our customers and guests tell about us. Take a moment to read a few of the reviews.


The staff was welcoming, caring and supportive and always ready to help. The food was delicious and the kitchen staff friendly and competent. More importantly, they fulfilled any dietary request with a smile. It is a great place to be. It is great to walk in the nature. It is the best conference where I have taught for three days in a row. An outstanding location to teach and stay overnight.
Erik Peper - Professor at San Franciso State University
Kaap Doorn is a pleasurable conference center, at a beautiful location surrounded by woodlands. PepsiCo has organised external meetings here for over 5 years now. Kaap Doorn is the ideal location for the combination of learning and relaxing. The employees of Kaap Doorn are very hospitable and service-oriented. The attendance is excellent.
Els Ramelet - Pepsico
The trainers and consultants of KSG Incompany have been regular guests of Kaap Doorn for over 15 years now. When our clients ask us to recommend a meeting location, we name Kaap Doorn without any hesitation. For our own Train-the-Trainer program Kaap Doorn is the place to be, multiple times a year. The ‘perfect’ conference center probably does not exist, but Kaap Doorn is a great contender.  Key words: central location in the Netherlands, hospitable, fluent catering, great food, pleasant (meeting) rooms, nice and quiet surroundings and ‘last but not least’ a wonderful technical service. They have helped us in an excellent manner multiple times. For the trainers of KSG Incompany, going to Kaap Doorn is ‘coming home’.
Lianne Kaufman - KSG Incompany
As a trainer I go to many different places. Kaap Doorn in my absolute favourite. Kaap Doorn is excellent at providing perfect service without ‘being there’. Participants will never be bothered by staff. Everything is done quietly during breaks. I never heard anybody say no to a request. When I forget something, they tell me before I even noticed. They know how I like my coffee best. Everything is arranged. Pure luxury! Homage!
Ronnie Wenting - Lean Consultancy Group