The beautiful forests of ‘De Heuvelrug Utrecht’

KKaap Doorn is beautifully situated in the heart of the woodlandson on the expansive Utrecht Hill Ridge.
Our own extensive grounds are perfect for an enjoyable walk or cross the road next to the hotel to wander around the miles of beautiful woodlands of the hill ridge. A visit to the ‘De Kaap’ viewing tower is also highly recommended. On our own premises, you will find a beautiful toad pool, which is definitely worth a visit.
Paddenpoel Kaap Doorn
You can, of course, also undertake a variety of outdoor activities in the grounds of the hotel. For example a walk with the ranger, full of enthusiasm he will tell you all about the flora and fauna around Kaap Doorn or a teambuilding activity organized by one of our partners. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
In addition to these active options, a wooded area will simply provide an oasis of tranquillity. Peace in which to learn and to transfer knowledge, the very purposes for which you are at Kaap Doorn.