Team building activities

Team building, outdoor and indoor activities

You can undertake all kinds of activities at Kaap Doorn to make your meeting even more attractive. Of course you can take the group outside for an activity, a breath of fresh air or an energizer on our own property.
Kaap Doorn has several options for relaxation. You can of course start with our own terrain of 6 hectares where you can enjoy a lovely walk. If you want to continue walking or running, you only have to cross the road to end up in the endless forests with different walking routes.

Indoors we have an infrared sauna, a modest gym where there are also opportunities for table football. If you want to include an activity in your program, such as a GPS tour, a painting workshop or fencing, please contact us so that we can arrange this for you.
It is also possible to organize an indoor or outdoor teambuilding activity such as painting workshop, GPS tour, fencing, bike tour etc. We can help you organize a suitable activity together with one of our partners. Please contact us about the possibilities.